Week 1: Structure, Foundation and Alignment

Qigong Set: Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong System

Day Excursion: Celebrates the Water Element

Week 1: Is about getting grounded and creating a solid foundation. Students will focus on learning how to relax as energy travels more efficiently in a relaxed body and how to ground the body to create more power. Students will be taught the details and precision of each of the postures and understand the mechanics of how the body moves. What you should know by the end of the week:

How to align yourself into the correct posture

The basics of Qigong structures and disciplines

The Qigong exercises medical applications

How to teach the Qigong exercises

Practice Medical Qigong

Learnt TCM theory

Week 2: Neuro Science and Uncover the Element of the Earth

Qigong Set: 5 Element Qigong System

Day Excursion: Celebrates the Earth Element

Week 2: Is all about discovering the interconnectedness of the 5 Elements within the human being and how they effect the body’s energy, thoughts, emotions and wellbeing. Also during this week, we will have a fascinating in-depth look into the Neuro-science behind the functioning of our physical and energetic body.

Week 3: A connection to something bigger than us.

Qigong Set: Heaven to Earth Qigong System

Excursion: Celebrates the Fire Element

Week 3: Students will go through a massive personal transformation in the first 2 weeks. Week 3 is all about integrating what was learnt into everyday life. It will focus on practical application of the Qigong information and experience and see how it manifests into our working life, in relationships and in all aspects of living in the modern world. Week 3 is also about giving students a real-time teaching experience that will build confidence as they become a practicing Qigong teacher.

What you should know by the end of the training:


You will have learnt 3 different Qigong Systems to a level that you will be able to teach


You will have learnt and been tested on your knowledge of the Qigong exercises medical applications


You will have an understanding and knowledge concerning Yin Yang, 5 Element and TCM Theory


You will have a deeper understanding of the Meridians in the body, their location, their functions and inter-relationships with each other


You will have learnt how to create a functional lesson plans and delivery with confidence a 60-minute structured classes


You will know the basic anatomy and Neuro-science of the body and how Qigong can aid in the structure and alignment. And how it can bring about changes to dysfunction and disharmonies in our bodies to bring back health and ultimately vitality


You will know what qualities are found in an effective teachers


You will have learnt the Forest Rock Qigong Monastery Exercises only for Forest Rock Monastery students to practice


You will know how to go home and integrate yourself and be ready to take the next steps in your Qigong journey and possible career


You will have guidance on how to set up a business as a Qigong Teacher


You will have built self-confidence and self-assurance and you will see the world through different eyes. You will be stronger and you will have grown your perseverance, diligence and discipline. You will be different to how you were before the training and you will have a new sense of purpose.