Learn how to connect with Heaven and Earth Qi (the energy outside of your body) to create an ever increasing flow of life force energy in your body.

These exercises will increase your vitality, stamina and capacity for happiness.



These exercises create:

a balance of yin and yang in the body, as well as in the meridians and the 8 extraordinary energy vessels that store our life force.

 Vitality, Stamina, Happiness, Contentment, Calmness and a Quiet peaceful mind.




By the end of this workshop, and by practicing this Qigong system, you will have:


A calmer mind and clearer focus

A deeper sense of purpose

Learned how to live with a stronger connection to your own heart

Deepened your connection with your own intuition and wisdom  

Developed your sensitivity of the movement of Qi (energy) in yourself & others

A deeper understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Qigong

Learned Qigong medical applications & theory

Learned how to strengthen the tendons and muscles

Improved the suppleness of your spine

Repaired damage caused by excessive emotions and worry

Increase blood and Energy (Qi) circulation

Learned how to stimulate the central nervous system

Toned your bones and the immune system    




Course Content:


Introduction to Qigong & history

Qigong Practice Guidelines

Safety precautions for practicing Qigong

Qigong stances & preparation

Dao Yin Qigong Opening and Closing forms

The full set of Heaven and Earth Qigong exercises

24 hour body Qi cycle

The Traditional Chinese meridian theory on the 12 main meridians

The Emotions associated to the 12 Meridians

Yin/Yang and 5 Element theory



Course Certification:


There are three levels to this teachers training certification program. The foundation level consists of 200 hours of Qigong teacher training, the intermediate level consists of 500 hours, and the advanced level is 1000 hours.


I have designed the programs to be as accessible as possible for everyone at all levels, by offering several ways to accumulate hours towards the certification.


By combining in-person Qigong teacher training course modules or Qigong introduction workshops, weekly classes, and by completing online courses, you can accumulate hours towards the Qigong Teacher Training certification.




17 Oct – 20 Oct 2019 (4 Days)





9am – 5pm Daily




495,000,000 IDR




Radiantly Alive studio,

JI Jembawan no 3,

Ubud, Bali



To learn more about the Qigong Teacher Training programmes and hours click here: 

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