Advanced Zhan Zhuang Qigong System Training

Developing Stillness, Peace and Strength 


This Qigong system is famous for creating more energy, strength and stamina in your body.

It also enhances an experience of Stillness and Peace and Quiet in your mind.


The original Zhan zhuang were health methods used by Daoist’s in recent centuries, martial artists who already had static standing methods combined these with the internal mechanics of Zhan Zhuang to create a superior strength exercises. The goal of Zhan zhuang in martial arts has been to develop a martially capable body structure, but nowadays most practitioners have again returned to a health-preservation orientation in their training, and few teach Zhan Zhuang as a martial method.


The word Zhan zhuang is the modern term; it was coined by Wang Xiang zhai. Wang, a student of Xing Yi Quan, created a method of Kung Fu-based entirely upon Zhan zhuang, known as Yi quan, “Intent Fist.” Yi quan’s method of study is Zhan zhuang plus movements that continue the feeling of the Standing Post in action.


The most common Zhan Zhuang method is known as Hún Yuán “Completely Round,” “Round Smoothness”) or Chēng Bào, “The Tree Hugging” stance). This posture is entirely Daoist in its origins, it has many variations, and is the main training posture in all branches of Yiquan. This practice has recently also become common practice in Taiji and Qigong schools. In Xing Yi Quan, the practice of Sān Tǐ Shì (三體勢 / 三, Heaven, Earth, and Man) has been a root practice for centuries.



What you can achieve by practising this system:


Aids in increasing vital energy in the body

Develops strength and stamina 

It helps in calming and grounding the body

Increases strength and flexibility

Develops self-awareness, balance, perseverance and discipline

Treats digestive disorders

Quietens the busy mind and gives you a sense of purpose and direction

Learn this famous standing Qigong Meditation exercise systems



Course content:


Introduction into what is Qigong & Qigong History

Qigong Practice Guidelines

Safety precautions for practicing Qigong

Qigong stances & preparation Qigong Opening

and closing Forms

The12 primary meridians and extraordinary vessels theory

ZZQ exercises

ZZQ exercise medical applications

Zangfu Qigong

24 hour Qi cycle

Emotions of the Meridians

Course Certification


Course Certification:

This course gives the student 30 hours toward your 200-hour Certified Forest Rock Qigong Teacher Training qualification.



Radiantly Alive studio, JI Jembawan no 3, Ubud, Bali



9am – 5pm Daily



Thurs 15 – Sun 18 OCT  2020


Price :

4,950,000 IDR


Early bird price:


4,450,000 IDR 2 weeks prior to commencement of the course


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