Option 3


4 Individual Live Online Courses
200hrs Qigong Teachers Training Certification

(Level 1)

The 200 hours incorporates:


– 4x Online Courses
– TCM practical and theoretical lectures – Module 2
– One-on-one assessments
– Live Q & A
– Recorded video of the trainee teaching a class

– Recorded personal teaching hours

– Written Qigong system review

To become a 200hr Certified Level One Forest Rock Qigong Teacher

Trainees must complete the following:


1. Four of the Live Online Qigong Course

The Online courses are:

Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong
Ba Duan Jin Qigong
Heaven to Earth Qigong
5 Element Qigong
Zhan Zhuang Qigong
Long Life Qigong


(120 Hours)

2. Four one on one assessments.


A one on one assessment will need to be 
completed for each of the 4 Online 



3. TCM Practical and Theoretical lectures 
from QTT 200hr Online course

Module 2.


Module 2. Practical Lessons and Theory Lectures


Introduction to Pulse Diagnosis.


Five Elements lessons on each Element covering:

  • Archetypes
  • Virtues
  • Characteristics
  • Loves
  • Fears
  • Balanced Emotional Expression
  • Imbalanced Emotional Expression
  • Excess and Depletion
  • Spiritual Aspect of each Elements and how it effect human beings.
  • Jing, Qi, blood and body fluids.


Food for the 5 Yin Organs.


The TCM Way to Healing through Food.


Eight lectures and Q&A on Neuro Physiology and Anatomy By Pete Larking.


Five New Meditation practices.


Clinical Applications for the:

  • Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong
  • Five Element Qigong
  • Heaven To Earth Qigong.


Extra Qigong Practice sessions for the:

  • Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong
  • Five Element Qigong
  • Heaven To Earth Qigong
  • Dao Yin Zang fu Qigong
  • Dao Yin Hypertension Qigong
  • Six Healings Sounds of the Five Elements.


Dao Walking Qigong- Blowing method to strengthen the Kidneys.


Three Qigong Meditation practises.


Jing, Qi, blood and body fluids.


Lectures on How to become a Qigong Teacher:


  • The 20 Teaching Fundamentals
  • How to create a lesson plans
  • How to conduct and structure a practical lesson.


Business Lesson – How to start and conduct a successful Qigong business.


New Weekly Q&A sessions.


Extra One to One personal teaching and assessments.



(65 Hours)

4. Demonstration Teaching Video


A 30-minute video of you teaching a Qigong Class is 

This will need to be submitted to receive
 your Qigong Training Certification.


The teaching can be of either one system or a combination of the different systems taught during the Forest Rock Qigong Courses.


The format of the class: it needs to be a structured 30 minutes class starting with the Bow and the Opening and Closing Forms, followed by any of the Forest Rock Qigong exercises and closed by the Bow at the completion of the class.


This is to be a special designed class for the teacher assessment.


Number of students in the class needs to be two or more.


The teaching format of the class needs to follow the format taught in the ‘How to conduct and structure a practical lesson’ in Module Two of the 200-hour Qigong Teacher Training Modules.


The video recording needs to be continuous with no edits.


The audio quality needs to be at a high enough level that we can hear the instructions clearly.


Best angle for filming would be from the side with the view of the teacher and students, so the teacher can also be seen to make corrections with the students.


Please send the recording  via Wetransfer of by Dropbox within three months after the completion day of the required training modules.

5. Registered Independent Teaching


The students are required to complete:


1. A minimum of 15 hours personal Qigong teaching are required and need to be documented to complete Part One of Module Three in the Forest Rock 200hr QTT.


2. A form will be supplied to be filled out with dates, locations, times, number of students, duration of the classes and total hours of teaching.


The size of the class can be either ‘one-on-one’ or multiple student classes.


Note: The recorded Registered Independent Teaching hours are required to be completed within six months after the completion of your in-person Qigong course training hours and the documentation needs to be submitted within this time to receive your certification.


(15 hours)


6. Qigong System written review
(300 words)


1. You are required to write 300 words about your experience of any one of Online or Live/in-person Qigong courses that you have completed.


Please  include your insights, thoughts and anything else you found valuable, while participating the course.


This will need to be submitted as well as the recorded teaching hours document within six months to receive your Qigong Teacher Training Certification.

All written reports need to be submitted within six months after the completion of your training hours to receive your certification.

If you attend other Forest Rock Qigong courses that are not part of the hours required for the 200 hours certification these hours will go towards the 500 hours level 2 Qigong Teachers Training certification.

Total 200 hours