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Sarah is a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner, with over thirteen combined years of clinical experience in Qigong and Acupuncture and a background in Relaxation Massage. She has a huge passion for healing and has practiced in New Zealand, the UK, Caribbean & Europe.


Sarah shared with me how she once worked in the world of television for Sky TV, and desperately wanted a career that made a difference to people’s lives. It wasn’t until she injured her back in a Kayaking accident that Sarah’s life took a turn in a new direction and she fell into the world of TCM.

 Jemma: So you used to work in TV, how did the change come about from that world to what you do presently?


Sarah: Yes, I used to work in television for Sky TV where I quickly realised that it was a Television factory and I wasn’t being of help to anybody or making a difference to anyone. I really wanted a career that could make a huge difference to people. My mum was a massage therapist and I thought perhaps I would train in that.


Jemma: So that was the first transition into alternative therapy and healing?


Sarah: Yes, it was. Although mum suffered from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and so I wasn’t convinced how sustainable that would be as a career long term.

Jemma: So how did you get into Traditional Chinese Medicine as a profession?


Sarah: Well, I hurt my back from a kayaking accident and the chiropractor couldn’t fix me. After six sessions they said I couldn’t be healed by them and so I sought alternative methods and I had heard acupuncture could help, and it did! Acupuncture changed my life! As we started the treatments everything started to rebalance. I loved it and felt like this is what I want to do. This inspired me to study massage, acupuncture and led me also to qigong.

Jemma: Awesome! And what was your experience with Qigong like?


Sarah: Qigong is literally my soul food! After my first session with Qigong, I felt like I’d come home. For years I could feel energy in my hands and I used to tune in to this energy when picking birthday presents for people (and wine)!


Peter was the one who taught me Qigong, and he gave me an experience of something I already knew and allowed me to explore that in a safe space.

Jemma: What’s the most valuable thing someone could gain from attending this retreat?


Sarah: Giving yourself time and space to acknowledge and value yourself. Developing a greater sense of self assurance and stability, greater clarity, and really knowing yourself better. Leaps and bounds will be made!


Jemma: What do you love to do outside of teaching and healing people?


Sarah: I like to swing dance. I love running, walking, being in nature, spending time with special people, art, devouring chocolate and travelling.


Jemma: What is something that many people don’t know about you?


Sarah: I love sky diving! It’s the closest thing to flying! I’ve done 2 tandem jumps and it’s so cool.


Jemma: What is your favourite quote?


“We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars” – Oscar Wilde.


Sarah will be sharing her wealth of knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Qigong with us on the 30 day Teacher Training. She explains this HUGE subject in a really simple, accurate and relatable way todays modern world.


“It’s such an honour to help others and help people to help themselves and help more people.” – Sarah Molony

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