Please read the following terms and conditions before you submit your application form for Forest Rock Qigong Teacher Trainings and Retreats.

Enrolment Deposit and Payments for Enrolments


Choosing to pay a deposit only, you agree to pay all tuition and fees on time.


In order to qualify for the Early Bird discount, Forest Rock Ltd must receive the deposit by 28 December 2018 prior to the training.


Early Bird payment will not be available after that date.


In order to process your application, you must submit a non-refundable, $500 USD deposit. This deposit must be submitted credit card through the website. If, for any reason, your application is not accepted, your deposit will be refunded. In all other cases, the deposit is non-refundable. The deposit will be deducted from the total tuition of the course.


All training fees must be paid in full 60 days prior to the start of the training. If you are booking the training less than 60 days prior to the start of the training, the course must be paid in full upon application.



Cancellation & Refund policy


Due to organisational expenses, fixed travelling costs of our teaching team, and the accommodation reservations in advance, the paid course fee including the $500 registration fee (for course paid in full) and $500 Deposit (for reserving your place) is strictly non-refundable, non-cancellable and non-transferable. If you need to cancel the course due to unavoidable reasons the Course fee (excluding Registration fee) can be adjusted in any future course you attend with Forest Rock Ltd within one year from the date of booking. You are liable for any additional fees incurred from the hotel due to cancelation of your accommodation. That money will be deducted from their fee and will not be transferrable on future courses.


To reschedule your course you must inform us at least One Month before the starting date of your rescheduled course otherwise you may lose your course fee entirely. (you also need to apply for the course again and pay the registration fee).





Prior to the training


In the event of Death (the individual who booked the program passes away) we will process a full refund of money received less the $500 registration charge that will be deducted from the total funds paid due to our financial commitments to that event.


Please Note: A death certificate must be produced to process this refund. Forest Rock Ltd will not be liable for bank charges or international currency fluctuations when refunds are processed.


During the Event


In the event of Death during the training  (the individual who attends the program passes away) we do NOT refund any funds received due to our financial commitments to the event.

Please Note: The emergency contact person provided by the attendee is to assume the responsibility of the process that occurs as soon as the emergency begins and our team contacts you. All attendees MUST HAVE travel insurance to attend our trainings.



Unplanned changes or cancellations of the scheduled course


It is very unlikely that we shall have to change the course venue or cancel the scheduled course; however, we reserve the right to do so in case of natural calamities and like. If the Training Program/Retreat is cancelled by Forest Rock Ltd, we will refund 100% of the fee paid by the applicant or offer an alternate placement. However, Forest Rock Ltd is not responsible for any other cancellations like flights etc. Or any other expenses incurred by the applicant.


Teaching Staff reshuffle


Due to certain un avoidable circumstances, organisational issues, Teachers personal commitments, teaching staff may change at certain times. However, Forest Rock Ltd strives to provide the best teachers for teacher training programs in the best interests of the students and the school. Any decision in this regard by Forest Rock Ltd management is final.




Forest Rock Ltd is a registered company conducting professional Qigong Teacher Training courses and issues certificates based on the completion of the necessary hours and competence of the trainees. Hence 100% attendance is required in order to receive certification. Our programs are intensive and demand compulsory attendance for compulsory contact hours of training. In case of continuous absence, except in serious medical conditions, the participant may not receive certification and additional hours of study on a future training will be required.


If the student has any slight sickness and unable to practice in class, we strongly encourage such students to attend the class and observe the teachings. In our experience we have noticed that being present and observing the class can still help the students to assimilate the teachings.





We request all the students to arrive for the classes at least 10 minutes in advance and be settled down before the class begins.



Health and Fitness Issues


Students are expected to take responsibility for themselves and are solely responsible for their own safety, health and general well-being during the training program. Our training programs or not suitable for people who are rehabilitating from or on medication for severe physical or psychological conditions. In case of any medical problem or emotional crisis we are always there to extend our help and support including arranging medical advice.



Drugs and Alcohol


Consuming drugs, alcohol prior to any classes is strictly prohibited during the training programs. Consuming these substances will be counterproductive of your Qigong practice.