Peter Caughey Qigong Teacher Training Wanaka, NZ, 20-22 Oct
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Developing stillness, peace and strength


During this teacher training course we will be utilizing the Zhan Zhuang Qigong system,

which literally means “standing like a post”. It is a training method often practiced by students of Neijia (Internal kung fu).



What you will learn from this course is:


  • Gain a deeper understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Qigong
  • Learn Qigong medical applications & theory of the 10 exercises in the Zhan Zhuang Qigong system
  • Complete 35 hours training towards the 200 hour Qigong teacher training certification
  • Learn how to create Qigong lesson plans and conduct a Qigong lesson
  • Earn a certificate to teach Qigong from the Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong Monastery School
  • Develop your sensitivity of the movement of Qi (energy) in yourself & others.



What you will gain from practicing this Qigong system is:


  • Increases mental clarity
  • It aids in increasing vital energy in the body
  • It develops energy, strength and stamina
  • It helps in calming and grounding the body
  • Increases strength and flexibility
  • Eliminates back neck and back pain
  • Corrects the body’s posture
  • Unblocks stagnant Qi (energy)
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases oxygen in the body
  • Develops self-awareness, balance, perseverance and discipline
  • Treats digestive disorders
  • During this course you will learn how to relax, tune into your body’s energy and develop an open heart
  • Brings quietness to your busy mind and gives you a sense of purpose and direction.



Course Content:


  • Introduction into what is Qigong and its history
  • Qigong Practice Guidelines
  • Safety precautions for practicing Qigong
  • Qigong stances & preparation Qigong opening and closing forms
  • Daily practice of the Zhan Zhuang Qigong exercises
  • Medical applications of the Zhan Zhuang Qigong system
  • Zang fu Qigong
  • 24 hour Qi cycle clock
  • Emotions of the Meridians
  • Eight extra-ordinary vessels
  • Five Elements Theory Level 1 (part 3)
  • Yin Yang 24 hour clock
  • Yin Yang theory Level 1  (part 3)
  • Dao yin Insomnia Qigong
  • Medical Qigong level 1 (Part 3)
  • The thermic nature of food
  • Hypertension Qigong
  • Bone washing Qigong
  • Instruction methods (part 3)
  • Fundamentals of teaching
  • Creating a lesson plan
  • Conduct a Qigong lesson (Teach a Class).


There is no requirement to have (part 1 or 2) knowledge as they are stand alone modules.



Course Certification:


This course gives the student 35 hours toward their 200-hour Certified Forest Rock Qigong Teacher qualification.




1 – 5 Dec (5 Days)



9am – 5pm Daily



Cost: 5,950,000 IDR


To register email:


To learn more about the Qigong Teacher Training programmes and hours click here: 

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