Bali Shi Ba Shi Qigong course with Peter Caughey May 19-22
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Bali Shi Ba Shi Qigong Course – May 19 – 22, 2017


The practice of living in the present moment.


During this course you will learn the Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong system and the medical applications for each of the exercises.


We will practice living in the present moment where you will experience a greater sense of yourself and the potential of your energy.


You will learn about Traditional Chinese medicine, Yin / Yang.


You will learn about 5 Element Theory.


You will learn about Medical Qigong and how to help yourself and others to heal.


Beginners and Advanced practitioners are welcome.


Date: May 19 – 22


Venue: Radiantly Alive

Ubud, Bali



Cost: 4,950,000 IRD


Early bird: (before May 12) 3,950,000 IRD


For bookings email

of book at Radiantly Alive reception

Qigong Course