How Qigong is useful in your life with Peter Caughey
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12 Aug What’s the difference between the Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong System to other Qigong Systems





In this video I explain the difference between the Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong System to other Qigong systems that I teach.


Wanaka & Havelock North October 2017

Qigong Teacher Training using the Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong System – Level 1


I’m looking forward to returning to New Zealand this October to run the next module in the Qigong Teacher Training certification programme.

If you’ve already attended one of my trainings it would be great to see you again and for those of you who haven’t attended one of my courses come along, you will learn a lot about yourself and about how energy moves in your body. These exercises are great for quietening the mind and having a peaceful heart. I encourage you to come and join me.

I love this system it’s one of my favourite sets of Qigong exercises and I practice it weekly. I’m sure you’ll enjoying learning and practicing them too.

This year I will be teaching the Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong System – level 1.


During the course we will be covering:

  • The foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Qigong Medical Healing

  • Qigong Theory and Philosophy

  • The fundamentals of teaching and lesson planning

  • The 18 Qigong exercises of the Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong System and the medical applications for each exercise.

For more information click here.


If you’d like to book and reserve you place on the course click here.


This course will give you 20 hours towards the 200 hour Qigong Teacher Certification. Click here to learn more about the 200 hour certification programme.


If you are interested in learning Qigong and don’t necessarily want to become a teacher, this course will still be very valuable to you for a personal practice, your health and for your self growth.

This course can be attended by beginners and there is no requirement for any pre-knowledge or practice.

Please forward this email to anyone you think would benefit from attending this course.

To book or for more information click here.

Come and join me.
It will be great to see you on the course.


Pete C


For more information about my Bali Qigong courses or the 200 hour Qigong Teacher Training programme click here.